Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile Teeth Whitening Pen 4ml

SKU: 50027211


Perfect Smile Premium Whitening Pen provides a professional teeth whitening experience in a more convenient way. With its travel-friendly size, you can put it in your pouch and apply it whenever you need to!

1. Helps erase teeth stains
2. Helps protect Enamel

This hard-working pen adapted the Silicone Brush Technology - making the application easier and efficient. Perfect Smile Premium Whitening Pen is antimicrobial, gentle and safe to use.

How to use

Remove cap and twist handle several times until the gel covers the silicone brush tip. Smile wide, keeping lips away from teeth. Using up and down motions, apply gel to visible surfaces of teeth. Remain smiling wide for 1 minute after applying to the last visible tooth. For best results, avoid eating and drinking for 15-20 minutes after gel is applied. Wash silicone brush with lukewarm water and close cap after use to prevent gel from drying out.

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